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I have practiced family law in the Bay Area for over thirty years, and am a Certified Specialist in Family Law. My practice is now exclusively devoted to helping clients with premarital and postmarital agreements, and I no longer represent clients in divorce matters.

My approach to premarital agreements is colored by my fundamental belief that a good premarital agreement can create the foundation for a solid and happy marriage, as well as help to avoid the heartbreak and expense of a contested divorce if the marriage founders. Through thoughtful discussion with each other and careful drafting, premarital agreements—far from being “unromantic”—can help couples plan their financial future together cooperatively, balancing each person’s separate finances with the means by which to build a joint financial relationship that fosters a healthy marriage.

Each agreement that I prepare–or review–is tailored to the needs of the particular couple and individuals and is intended to be a guide toward financial decision making and management throughout the marriage.

I recently collaborated with Janet Hoffman, CFA, CFP, a financial advisor at Sand Hill Global Advisors, on her blog titled:
Sand Hill’s Premarital Agreement Guide. I hope you find it helpful!

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