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Our law office is exclusively devoted to the practice of family law. The majority of our work involves representing individual family law clients in marital separation and dissolution cases. Nanette also frequently serves as a mediator for couples preferring mediation as a way of resolving their family law situation, and is available for private judging and special master appointments. We also prepare premarital and postmarital agreements for clients.

The term "family law" in California refers to all legal matters related to marriage and divorce. It includes issues related to unmarried domestic partners, couples contemplating marriage, and adoptions. The majority of our clients are married couples who have separated and wish to obtain a marital separation or dissolution. We also work with couples to prepare premarital agreements, and occasionally work with unmarried couples on cohabitation agreements or issues.

Our approach to family law emphasizes cooperative negotiation and resolution of disputed issues. We believe that family law matters are best solved outside of a courtroom by parties acting in good faith and fairly toward each other, and that matters should be settled in a way that allows both parties to minimize their expenses in the legal process. At the same time, we recognize each person's need to feel that they have an attorney who can be a strong advocate if that becomes necessary.

We understand that the experience of separation can be stressful and sometimes mysterious. We strive to make the process as understandable and smooth as possible. Please do not hesitate to ask questions about the process as they arise.

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