My wife and I had a great experience consulting with Nanette about our retirement planning. She was pleasant, asked the right questions and was very professional. We highly recommend. -- T.B.

Nanette represented me when my husband and I discussed and created our prenup agreement in 2009, a few months before getting married. Prenup discussions with a guy you're crazy in love with and feel lucky to be with and about to marry is incredibly stressful and emotional.  My fiance and I both had strong beliefs and philosophies about how we wanted the money and rights to work out in our marriage, some of which were original (read: unconventional). Nanette took our ideas and did the first draft of the agreement.  She did a great job of responding to and respecting our philosophies, and wrote something both strong, fair, and representative of our points of view.

In meetings, Nanette also made me feel so affirmed about my beliefs about how I wanted the money and marriage to go.  I trusted her completely.  She was clear in her explanations of law, and made me feel safe and secure.  In other words, if anything bad should happen, I feel completely protected by Nanette's compassion and expertise. I am incredibly grateful to Nanette.
-- L.U.

I can never thank Nanette enough for her help. She was a rock for me when I really needed it. I never worried knowing I had her on my side. -- L.G.

Nanette was everything I could want in a lawyer: she patiently explained everything I wanted to know, gave me her opinion as to what I should do, and let me make the final decision. Not only that, but she is very knowledgeable and provides good referrals when needed. And finally, she is a really nice person. -- D.W.

Nanette is exactly the lawyer I needed. She has a deep understanding of family law and helped me to navigate the whole mediation and divorce process with both compassion and tenacity. In the end, I felt like she was able to get me the fairest possible settlement with a minimum of combativeness with my ex-spouse and his lawyer. I have since recommended her to many others. I felt lucky to have had her on my side. -- P.H.

At a difficult time in my life, Nanette was a rock of integrity and judgment. I can't imagine having been better served. -- J.B.

I consider myself extremely fortunate to have had Nanette represent me. Nanette managed my case to a successful conclusion, and I am very pleased with the result. What impressed me most, however, was the manner in which she represented me. As my attorney, acting and speaking on my behalf, Nanette always acted honorably. She is honest and straightforward, with ethics beyond reproach. -- A.R.

When friends or patients have asked if I know a good divorce lawyer, I never think twice -- I give them Nanette's name -- I tell them she is the best. She made a very stressful, difficult experience, going through a divorce, as manageable as conceivably possible. Her expertise, experience and sound, rational advice was invaluable. -- K.H.

I can't thank Nanette enough for making this life transition just that -- a life transition instead of a drawn-out horror story of jabs and jolts. It was a stroke of luck for me to be referred to her, and I have since recommended her to others. Her kind civility and velvet-glove approach made chapter last a memory with dignity for all. (So did able paralegal, Miss Susan!). -- F.Z.

Nanette is extremely knowledgeable about family law--both about the substantive issues and the practical things one learns from experience. She keeps up-to-date with the latest developments in the field and provides her clients with the very best family law advice out there. She is also great at keeping antagonism and hostility to a minimum in the divorces she handles, such as mine (which is great on the pocketbook!)...I highly recommend her. -- N.M.

Nanette was actually the third attorney I retained to represent me in my dissolution case; I parted ways with the first two lawyers because I didn't feel either of them was sufficiently invested in the outcome of my case. Seven years after my initial consultation with Nanette, I can honestly say that retaining her was one of the best investments I have ever made in my future. She is incredibly smart, savvy, experienced, and professional. She also is well connected to a network of competent professionals in the area who can assist with various steps in the dissolution process. Nanette was focused on achieving the best possible outcome for me, and her approach was realistic, logical, and common-sense driven. In a process that is -- by its very nature -- highly emotional, it's essential to select an attorney who will consistently focus on the big picture. I may have chosen the wrong person to marry, but I definitely chose the right person to get me out of it. I would recommend Nanette without hesitation to anyone facing the difficult divorce process. -- L.V.

Nanette's professional expertise in the handling of my divorce provided me peace of mind and a fair settlement. Nanette was always supportive and fair, and I trusted her opinions completely. I have been freely praising and recommending Nanette and her staff to anyone who will listen, and I plan to continue doing that whenever the opportunity arises. -- S.D.

Going through the daunting and isolating process of divorce was not easy for me, however what really helped in the long run was that I had Nanette on my team! She is an experienced, competent, and well-respected attorney with great connections and resources in the legal community. She was able to tap into some of these resources to help with my case, making a huge impact at a very critical point in my divorce proceedings, and drastically improving the final outcome for me and my child. Nanette is smart and savvy, always well-prepared to handle various challenges, including difficult personalities, and proficient in making her case, while also protecting the best interests of her client. She aims to achieve the most fair, equitable, and cost-effective outcome, while also staying out of court as much as possible, so as to limit expensive in-court battles. Nanette worked very patiently and diligently every step of the way to demystify the "legalese" for me, as did her office and legal assistants.

Without Nanette as my advocate, and the support of her office and legal assistants, I cannot imagine how I would have made the journey during my divorce, from feeling helpless, wounded, and in despair, to feeling strong, empowered, independent, and "on my feet" again!

I would highly recommend Nanette to anyone in a similar situation, needing a stalwart support by their side, as they navigate divorce and/or other family law matters! -- S.S.

One thing I really appreciate about Nanette is her direct approach and her honesty. The divorce process was hard and it was reassuring to know that I was protected by a professional, experienced, committed and extremely knowledgeable lawyer. She didn't hesitate to be tough with the other side when needed but also knew when and how to keep the atmosphere friendly and open for discussion and negotiation. The most important thing for me personally was Nanette's direct approach and her honesty. She helped me understand which wars are worth fighting and when do I need to let go. I recommend her full heartedly to anyone that is going through separation. -- V.S.

I consider myself very fortunate to have found Nanette's law practice and even more fortunate that my son selected her to handle his divorce. She immediately got us focused on the real issues, and managed to assist my son through the process in such a way that conflicts were minimized. Her very constructive approach soon led both parties in the proceedings away from rancor and into a mutual agreement that was good for their children and that both were willing to accept. Because of Nanette, my son and his former wife remain on constructive speaking terms and as a family we are very satisfied with the outcome. I also believe that Nanette's charges were very reasonable for the time she obviously devoted to the matter. Her use of email for routine questions and transmittal of documents was also appreciated and seemed to speed things up. -- G.L.

Nanette came highly recommended to me as someone who could represent me fairly in my divorce, and I was completely happy with all she did for me. Her wise counsel helped my former husband and me reach an equitable settlement, and she walked me through the process calmly and confidently. She encouraged me when I needed it, and she helped me to keep my cool during the inevitable tough times of a divorce. She has since helped me in other, more minor matters, and I will be forever grateful to her for her sound advice and calm demeanor. I have been fortunate to have her help, and I'm grateful to her and for her. -- B.C.

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